Canyon Songs EP:OUT NOW

(canyon songs)

Recorded in bursts over the past 12 months, Canyon Songs was produced by multi-instrumentalist D.Rogers at his own Crookston Studios. Built around the sturdy songwriting of Ben Birchall (Klinger, Duke Batavia) and the chemistry of decades of playing, Canyon Songs captures a band in their prime, when they should be well past it.

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The songs

Leave The Canyon

“Leave those kids alone. Leave their drugs alone.”


“Of all the people in the Canyon you were one of them.”

Fall, Fall, Fall

“Double denim in a single bed.”


“The bottle made me weak. The stuff I drink is cheap.”

My Damn Life

“Nobody wants to hear from a happy balladeer.”


“I’ll wait until their car won’t start, and then I’ll drive right by them.”


this is slow fades

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High in the Hollywood hills, long after the party has ended, four strangers clean up the empty glasses and wonder where it all went wrong. There is smoke in the air from fires in the canyon and they try to catch a model’s eye.

This is Slow Fades.

In 2004, a moderately successful indie rock band called Klinger called it a day, quite possibly before their time. Over the next 15 years, various members played together, they wrote together and they stayed close. But there was still a fire there, just over the canyon. In 2017, they reconvened in a rehearsal room with a batch of new song and no agenda. The result is Canyon Songs, six songs about narrowly missing out.

Produced by Dave Rogers, Canyon Songs is widescreen indie with Laurel Canyon views.

Dave Rogers - guitar, keys, vocals

Ben Birchall - vocals, guitar

Darren Vlah - drums, percussion

Glenn Arnup - bass, vocals